The Best Biltong Made by Real South Africans, 

The Yum Biltong Family


We know we're not the cheapest option in the market, but we make up by providing the best Biltong

No No No we are not butchers! 

Cutting a cow or a pig or a sheep and being a butcher has nothing to do with making biltong! Making biltong is an art and the best biltong is made by the South African Yum Biltong Family. 

We are not butchers nor do we pretend to be but we cut thousands of kilograms of silver side per week to make biltong. We clean and prep the meat ourselves and could maybe debone a cow with our eyes closed. But are we butchers? Absolutely not. 

We are South Africans and we know that being a butcher is more about slaughtering and cutting up animals. We are deli-owners coming from families who make South African yummy stuff. Biltong is in our blood and so we know the art of making it just right. We don’t use dryers and we don’t dehydrate. We have built rooms in South African style for natural drying. Our biltong is made the old school way, not in a butchery. We don’t take the love out of our food and there is no batch that we don’t yum from. We are a family working hard 7 days a week on The Yum Biltong Family range. 

Making biltong is purely our love and hobby as we so miss the taste of South Africa and we just had to do something about it. Our biltong is made using prime beef-meat only, supplied from a butchery that receives fresh meat every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  We use authentic spice blends from South Africa. 

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We ship with DPD in the EU if your order is over £35- £40 + and we cover that extra for express DPD shipping. 

For all others shipping world-wide we use CTT signed for mail in the ECO packs of max 500g per pack so if you order 2 kg you'll get 4 packs in the mail. We only send signed for mail for your protection and ours.

We know shipping on ebay says 22 working days delivery but usually it never takes longer then about 12 working days from Monday - Friday to non-EU countries and within the EU about 7 Working Days.

Of course with DPD it only takes 5 working days.


Sold is Sold no? Well let's first tell you how to keep biltong

Please do not keep biltong in a plastic container and then after a few days send us photos and expect us to refund or replace it. In a tupperware it will sweat and get mould. Biltong can be frozen in a paper bag and 20mins before you want to eat some, pull it out, lay on a dry kitchen cloth and it is ready to yum. If you prefer keeping it in the fridge, consume within 3-4 days once opened BUT PLEASE keep in a paper bag. This is just as if you would buy it in South Africa. The brown paper bag we pack in serves a purpose. The South Africans have always known what they are doing selling it in a brown bag and so do we :). It's not just pretty wrapping we spend ours doing for you, we are sending you a bag to use. Vacuum sealed, biltong can remain fresh up until 3-4 months. Biltong is cut and put in a vac pack on the day you order, so you'll know thereafter you have 3-4 months of storage life along as kept in the vac pack it arrives in sealed condition.

So now on returns: sorry we cannot accept returns. We will never take a returned item and put it back into stock and sell it to someone else. 

We go in accordance with the Law: Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, consumers may be entitled to a refund, replacement, repair and/or compensation where goods are faulty or not as described. Not on perishable items like biltong or droeworse 

We accept return of all other items other then Biltong and Droeworse but the buyer pays for the shipping and then we refund the full amount on arrival.

Our customers and your opinions mean everything to us. If you have an issue please email us, talk to us, send us photos ask us and we are more then willing to help.