All our products are made with great care to ensure consistent top quality. The premises are that of our own home in Portugal.

We give ourselves a 5-Star Food Hygiene Rating as we are total hygienic freaks.

We are not going say we are a large outlet or a company as we are not! Making biltong is purely our love and hobby as we so miss the taste of Africa and we just had to do something about it. Our biltong is made using prime beef-meat only supplied from a butchery that receives fresh meat every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and those are the days we buy as the texture is superior to our process. We use authentic spice blends from South Africa supplied by our Mae and sister as spices that produce good-tasting biltong are really hard to find here in the EU. Our Mae's cooking goes generations back in time in the form of restaurants in South Africa that speak for themselves. 

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