Dry Biltong Original Flavour 1kg Sliced

Brand: The Yum Biltong Family
Product Code: DRYBO1KG
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Price: £41.90
  • 1kg Biltong Sliced
  • Spice blends from South Africa
  • Absolutely Yum
  • We do not speed-dry meat - We have a real drying Biltong Room, not a metal drying cabinet plugged into electricity to speed dry meat. We do it naturally to keep it authentic South African style.
  • We have made it a policy to yum a piece of every order we send! So all biltong is Yum tested.

Biltong Storage Instructions:  Store in a cool, dark place as long as the packet is not opened. Once opened, eat within 3-4 days. Please do not keep biltong in plastic-bags, or plastic-containers as it will get mould. Biltong can be frozen in a paper bag, or kept in a paper bag (like the one we provide you). In the fridge biltong can be kept, but not in plastic of any sort. If frozen, spread the biltong on a dry towel for approximately 20 minutes before eating. If you keep it in the fridge, yum it in 3-4 days just as you would do in South Africa. 

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